Organized by:
(FIP – CM322012)


Recognition number: FIP/2024/075



CLOSING DATE: 30 March 2024

JUDGING DATE: 01 April 2024


AWARDS MAILED BY: 25 April 2024




Each entrant can submit up to 4 images into each section of the 5 salon sections, which are:
1. Open Color (PIDC)
2. Open Monochrome (PIDM)
3. Nature (ND)
4. Photo Travel (PT)
5. Street (T1 – Color & Monochrome)


Details of Image
Max Height: 1080px
Max. Width: 1920px
Max. Size: 2 MB
Resolution: 300dpi


1. The salon is open to Photo Friends all over the world, irrespective of their sex, age and status. It is organized under the patronage & approval of FIP.

2. All acceptances are eligible for statistics applicable to FIP DISTINCTIONS.

3. Entries are limited to only 4 images (digital files) per section, i.e., 20 number of images in total.

4. There are 5 sections. Images for each section should be uploaded through our website and submission of entries implies acceptance of all conditions of the Salon.

5. The exhibition assumes no liability of any misuse of copyright. Images may be altered, either electronically or otherwise, by the maker.

6. Digital files will be projected without any change by the organizers.

7. The image title or entrant’s name must not appear on the image. Entrant’s details will not be given to the judges.

8. An entrant’s images will not be presented to the judges consecutively. An entrant’s four images will be distributed throughout four rounds of judging in that section. Distribution of images shall be in the same round order as submitted by the entrant.

9. All the work must be entirely the work of the exhibitor on photographic emulsion or digital file. Images may be altered either digitally or otherwise by the maker and artwork or computer-generated graphics by the maker are allowed provided the photographic content is predominant and only in Open.

10. The exhibition is open to digital entries. Digital entries will be projected using a Samsung Full HD 43”TV, 1024 x 768 pixels will be used to display the images to the judges.

11. Judge’s decision will be final. Salon organizer reserves the right to withdraw any award if it thinks fit and proper by the judges.

12. The decision of the panel of selectors is final and binding, no further appeal will be entertained.

13. Any jury member or salon committee member will not participate in the salon.

14. Organizer reserves the right to reproduce selected entries in the catalogue, press and project publicity.

15. Untitled or Non titled images will not be accepted. Additionally, a title consisting purely of numbers will not be accepted.

16. ENTRIES WILL NOT BE JUDGED WITHOUT ENTRY FEE and entry will be disqualified for judging and the Author must accept the conditions of the salon.

17. An entry may be rejected when the sponsoring organization or its agent, in its reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to the exhibition rules and conditions.

18. An entry may be cancelled, if salon organizers find any misconduct done by the entrant or is banned by FIP from salon participation till the conduct of award ceremony, then the entrant will be disqualified and the award will be given to the next eligible entrant.

19. In such scenario specified in the clause 18, a fresh acceptance and award list will be sent to all the participants.

20. Awards will be mailed by registered post with proper reasonable care, but we will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

21. Notification of results will be published over the website –

22. An illustrated digital catalogue in PDF format will be published over the website

23. All paid entrants will receive online PDF CATALOGUE.

24. The salon data will be present in club website for 1 year from the date of notification and entrant can download the data any time with-in this period of time.


Digital Catalog shall be available for downloading from the exhibition website. The organizer can use the exhibited works for reproduction in the catalog and to promote the exhibition free of charge.


The following awards will be awarded for the salon:

A. FIP Gold Medal for each section. (Total 05 Nos.)
B. Moriihub Gold Medal for each section. (Total 05 Nos.).
C. Moriihub Silver Medal for each section. (Total 05 Nos.)
D. Moriihub Bronze Medal for each section. (Total 05 Nos.)
E. 5 FIP Ribbon for each section. (Total 25 Nos.)
F. 1 Special Jury Award for each section (.pdf). (Total 05 Nos.)
G. Overall Best Entrant Medal (Total 01 Nos.)


The Honourable Jury Members will be:



Sharmila Dass


Basudeb KR Chakraborty


Aniket chatterjee


All Section: 200 /- INR

1. Entrant should pay their entry fee using online payment facility. Proof of payment document should be mailed to:

2. Proof through WhatsApp or On Call will not be accepted as proof of payment.

3. Bank Details:

Beneficiary Name: P.Thavabalan
Account No: 1818166000002931
Bank Name: Karur Vysya Bank
Branch Name: Kalsalsalingam University- EC
IFSC: KVBL0001818


PID Colour

The subject matter is unrestricted for PID images in separate colour and monochrome section. There may be a theme specified for some PID Salons and the exhibition’s definition of the theme should be consulted with the organizer.

Use of major computer-generated graphics is totally restricted except in Creative thematic section. Para
II.8 E of FIAP DOC 018/2017 E.

All elements of the image must have been shot by the author. All parts of the image including graphics have to be photograph by the author holding copyright of his submitted works. Use of some filters available on net is permissible.

Same images either colour or mono in two different sections of the same Salon will result in disqualification for both the images.

Monochrome Definition

An image is considered to be Monochrome only if it gives the impression of having no colour (i.e. contains only shades of grey which can include pure black and pure white) or it gives the impression of being a greyscale image that has been toned in one colour across the entire image. (For example, by Sepia, red, gold, etc.).

Nature Photography definition

Nature Photography is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict all branches of natural history, except anthropology* and archaeology*, in such a fashion that a well-informed person will be able to identify the subject material and certify its honest presentation. (Suggested*: An example will be helpful to the New Jury). The story telling value of a photograph must be weighed more than the pictorial quality while maintaining high technical quality.

1. Human elements must not be present, except where those human elements are integral parts of the nature story such as nature subjects, like barn owls or storks, adapted to an environment modified by humans, or where those human elements are in situations depicting natural forces, like hurricanes or tidal waves.

2. Scientific bands, scientific tags or radio collars on wild animals are permissible.

3. Photographs of human created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domestic animals, or mounted specimens are ineligible.

4. Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. Conversion to infrared, either by digital technique or by original technique is not allowed. Stitching of two or more image is not permitted.

5. Complete conversion to grey scale Monochrome is allowed but without partial or complete toning.

6. It is perfectly legal to remove dust, flares or digital noise. Minor global colour / tone correction is OK as long as it is not selective and the final image looks natural but not FIP DEFINITION OF DIVISIONS AND SECTIONS VIEWFINDER DECEMBER, 2023 dramatic. Dodge and Burn tool is for you only but use it judiciously. Selective darkening of background is prohibited. Techniques like panning, slow shutter speed or in-exposure zooming are part of your creativity. Use of filters like Polarizers and NDs are ok.

7. Drone Photography in the National Parks of India is illegal except with prior written permission from the concerned authorities. Drone images of Wild animals will be disqualified.

8. Welfare of the subject is extremely important. Use of live bait is totally prohibited. Relocated nest is a big NO NO and jury members should not award Nest images.

Images entered in Nature section meeting the Nature Photography Definition above can have landscapes, geologic formations, weather phenomena, and extant organisms as the primary subject matter. This includes images taken with subjects in controlled conditions, such as zoos, game farms, botanical gardens, aquariums and any enclosure where the subjects are totally dependent on man for food.


Where exhibitions or competitions have a Wildlife Section or are giving a Wildlife Medal the following applies:

Images entered in Wildlife Sections meeting the Nature Photography Definition above are further defined as one or more extant zoological or botanical organisms free and unrestrained in a natural or adopted habitat.

Landscapes, geologic formations, photographs of zoo or game farm animals or of any extant zoological or botanical species taken under controlled conditions are not eligible in Wildlife sections.

Wildlife is not limited to mammals, birds and insects. Marine subjects and botanical subjects (including fungi and algae) taken in the wild are suitable wildlife subjects, as are carcasses of extant species.

Photo Travel guide line for FIP

1. A travel image depicts features of a culture, place or people as found naturally, anywhere in the world.

2. Images of individuals or group must show their environment or location.

3. The image should not be a SET UP image and it should not be a directed image.

4. It should not be from a PHOTO WORKSHOP where a troupe dances for the workshop organizer or HORSES are made to run in dust or water or an individual shows his acrobatics on payment of a fee.

5. Many monasteries have religious festivals with dances etc and it is perfectly legal to submit such images though you may have paid an entry fee. Same is true for ballet and other stage shows.

6. Images shot at fairs where the subject is obviously posing for you, with or without payment, is only good for pictorial section. On the other hand, a candid image is good for PT section. 24 VIEWFINDER DECEMBER, 2023.

7. Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. Conversion to infrared, either by digital technique or by original technique is not allowed. Stitching of two or more image is not permitted.

8. Complete conversion to grey scale Monochrome is allowed but without partial or complete toning.

9. Digital correction of distortion is acceptable.

10. It is perfectly legal to remove dust, flares or digital noise. Minor global colour / tone correction is OK as long as it is not selective and the final image looks natural but not dramatic. Dodge and Burn tool is for you only but use it judiciously. Correction of perspective is perfectly legal. Techniques like panning, slow shutter speed or in exposure zooming are part of your creativity. Filters like Polarizers and NDs are ok but star effect or rainbow filters are illegal.

11. Drone photography is OK as long it is legally permissible in that part of the world. In India use of DJI Mavic Mini model of Drone is perfectly legal, except in areas where Drone Photography is prohibited by the authorities like National Parks etc.

12. Finally, be sensitive to the community or people whom you are shooting. Care for your subjects and care for your fellow photographers as well. If someone doesn’t wish to be photographed, please respect the person’s feelings and greet her or him with a sweet smile before parting ways.


1. Photojournalism entries should be images with informative content and emotional impact, reflecting the human presence in our world. The journalistic (story-telling) value of the image shall receive priority over pictorial quality. In the interest of credibility, images that misrepresent the truth, such as those from events or activities specifically arranged for photography or of subjects directed or hired for photography, are not eligible.

2. Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. The only allowable modifications are removal of dust, scratches or digital noise, restoration of the existing appearance of the original scene, sharpening that is not obvious, and conversion to grey scale monochrome. Derivations, including infrared, are not eligible. All images must look natural.


Human Interest images depict a person or persons in an interactive, emotional, or unusual situation, excluding recreational or sports action.

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